Golden Stairs

Doing battle with the man I was;

An exceedingly costly affair.

The cost is high and sure because

I must climb His golden stair.

The steps are made of Molten Gold,

Refining in his Fire.

And every step I take, as bold,

Consumes me all the higher.

The price is high, as men perceive.

But is it worth the cost?

I’ll be there on my bended knee,

Enjoying what was lost.

While others who enjoy their gold

With a coolness that will not burn.

Will kneel in fear, and void of bold;

For these steps I take they’ll yearn.

Oh cross of Christ, that precious place;

That step there at the top!

Reflects to me His Glorious face,

As this journey finally stops.

Do you think it odd a man should lose

Everything you hold so dear?

I think it’s odd that you should choose

To hold on to your fear.

As now the Great Proclaiming’s done,

You settle down in your flesh.

Forsaking all that can be won,

You place your loss as best!

Yes the stairs will torch your hope,

Of a life of peace and ease.

But you climb to Him upon a rope;

Consumed by a Fiery Breeze!

Won’t you please come and place your foot

Upon the liquid step?

Belief in Christ will do you good.

He’ll accomplish all the rest.

But if you do this step ascend,

Do not back down again!

The world perceives us not as friends,

Who will His Stairs ascend.

By His Grace


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