The Exceptionally Few

Always considering the eyes of men.  That’s how most people live out their days.  It takes an exceptionally confident man to do his work in a crowd without notice of the eyes that watch.  And oh how few they are!

The fear of man pervades our every thought.  “What will they think?  What will they say?  What will they do to me for my failings?  Have I been successful at hiding my nakedness?  Do they still see my weakness?”   And so, fear is given a place to live.

Do you want freedom?  Do you want to live with a confidence that rises above the fear of men?  Do you want to become a member of the exceptionally few?

Then seek out the Christ of God with every fiber of your life!  No man can possibly rid himself of this kind of fear.  He has to develop an unshakable belief in the love of God for himself.   That’s when confidence arrives.

It’s not enough to say that God is love.  That’s not enough to dispel the fear.  You have to let your soul live in heaven, even while your body lives among men.  Then there is no fear.

Christ Jesus can do that for you.  He can set you free of every fear, even death. 

You can trust this message.  It is faultless, and will find full acceptance before the Living God.  It is in fact the message he has been preaching since the day of Adam and Eve.

By His Grace


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