The War Against “Bloody” Rebellion

God raises up whom He chooses.  Such a man will not be of those that Man might perceive as worthy.  Such a man will be a horrifying, misshapen, miscreant of humanity.  How should this be a surprise?  Is God like man in any fashion?  (The answer, my friend, is “no”.)

Shall the war between what is Holy and what is unholy be a soft fluffy battle field?  Show me a war between men that is like this:  The warrior sharpens his sword.  He gathers with his comrades to speak of victory through blood.  Together they embolden one another.  Around the camp fire, in the night before the battle, they eat and drink together to prepare for the most excellent strength.  They conspire regarding logistics of battle.  And the stage is set within their hearts to accomplish VICTORY in the coming morning.

Now should a warrior enter the bloody violence with compassion?  Shall he apologize to his foe before he swings that sharpened sword?  Shall he ask permission to dismember that body?  Does he not swing without mercy?

Yet, consider this.  There is mercy in the forward violence.  If the warrior swings with any compassion, there will be double the suffering when his steel finds flesh.  The strike will induce suffering, not death.  In his desire for compassion, the warrior has done harm to those who have come to do battle.  And in the delivery of violence with compassion, the warrior betrays his fellow warriors in their dedication to victory.

What am I trying to say here?  I am saying that there is a vast difference between the things of heaven and the things of this world.  Those who go out among men to bring heaven to the rebellious must retain a certain mercy.  But they cannot allow themselves to be “powder puff” Christians.  We must be bold!  We must be sure of the message we bring.  We are not bring peace.  We are bringing war.

The peace we offer is like a small flame.  And we do not intend to warm the rebellious as they remain in their unholy way.  We come to burn their ways to the ground.

The woodsman goes out to cut down a tree.  He does not wield the ax with mercy.  Though the tree has only ever desired to grow and be strong, it will yield to the ax!  The man will keep his family warm.

After he has gathered the wood into his house, shall he make apology to the wood, as he sets it ablaze?  Shall he mount the wood on display only?  Shall he not set it on fire without the slightest mercy?

You who say you are Christians, yet offer the Gospel with apology.  Why do you apologize to man for the Holy Things of The Living God?  You are like the warriors who fail.  You are likened to the one who yields his sword with mercy.  You do more damage than good.

Strike!  Speak what is true without relenting or apology.  Bring the Truth to man as it was presented to your soul.  Remember the war that rages within you, as you yourself read the Holy Scripture.  Perceive the outcome of man’s unholy way.  And remember the price that was paid by the Holy Son of the Living God; that He should deliver the fire of Truth to your ragged soul!

If you are not bold, you will certainly lose the battle.  If you have mercy on sin, you will certainly injure those you speak to.  You will be an unworthy warrior in the battle for souls.  And those converts to your brand of Christianity, will further your delinquent way among men.  They too will fail to deliver the essential blows against what is unholy.

Did you know that Winston Churchill was a ruthless man?  He is held in high esteem, because of the outcome of his service.  But he was no beautiful, soft, compassionate man.  Yet look who he was raised up to fight against, Hitler.  Shouldn’t this be an example of what I’m saying here?

Hasn’t God raised up the “least” among man to fight and war against the rebellion of  man?  Hasn’t he raised up the wicked to fight against the wicked?

But I will speak, for a moment, of what the Church has done.  They have taken in the wicked, that they might be part of the “family of God”.  They have told them that they are not allowed to speak against the wicked ways of man.  They are to separate themselves and become a most compassionate and lovingly soft being.  They are to deliver a tender blow to the sins of man.  How does this compare with what I have written above?  Let the reader decide.