The Holy Friend or Foe: Time

In the beginning of Creation, God created all that is.  The hands which formed all things belong to the Heavenly Lord of all, Jesus The Christ.

One moment following another, the Lord of All moved to accomplish the Holy, Holy, Holy, Will of the Father of all Life.  Faithfulness and Duty, beyond words to describe, obeyed and accomplished.  Time was invented and produced.  The intention of Eternity has sustained each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, and century.  Yet make no mistake, He who has created time will remove it.

This created time has dictated the ways of all men.  With this time, has come choice; the very essence of God’s will to display the heart’s intent of every man.  “Will each heart desire to worship the One who has obeyed and made it?  Or will each heart desire to remain in rebellion?

What do you do with your moments of life?  When sin beckons, do you yield?  When forgiveness and instruction are offered, do you receive?

Time is God’s gift to man.  But it is far too often used to remain in blindness to His Holy, Holy, Holy Will.

They spoke the ultimate wickedness.  They said, “God is dead”!  And oh how welcome were those words to many.  “Finally!   Time belongs to us!  We free all men from obligation to serve out their moments according to the Holy Law of God.  Our mouths have spoken.”  What is the state of affairs for those who spoke such abject folly?  Their precious time has run out.

They will rise up from the dead in great terror.  They will be ushered into the presence of the One they have spurned with such violent words.  The smell of fear will come up from their souls with visible vapor.  The stench of their hatred for Righteousness and Holy intent will cover them as a mist.  And they will perceive their utter destruction.

What are you doing with your moments of time?

Do you seek the face of the Living God?  Or do you continue in your unholy way?  You need make no choice at all.  You are free to reek from the stench of fear on that Holy Day.  But you are invited to encounter the Holy war against the wickedness that lives within you, with binding strength.

You can remain bound to rebellion and unholy blindness.  But you are also invited to be released from your ungodliness.  You are invited to become holy.  Seek out the Gospel of Christ Jesus!  Or die, having lived a useless and unprofitable life.

God can release the humble from their bindings.  He can open their eyes and ears to understanding.  Your very next moment does not have to lead you to eternal regret.

What will you choose?  Choice belongs to the lazy.   Choice belongs to the diligent.  See how you choose, regardless your response to these things.


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