Mr and Mrs pryde

“I feel bad about Who I am.  There is something lacking in the praises to me.  I am gorgeous and beautiful!  Why then, do all not bow down when I arrive?”

And so the flatterer was born.  His Father was the Most High God.  But those who raised him up were called Mr and Mrs Wrongful and Ignorant Pryde.

What a couple they make!  How righteous and perfect do they first appear.  But spend a moment with them in conversation, and the reality of their hatred fills the air.

Men can come and go from their presence, as they please.  But to be reared in their house is a sentence of death. 

Nothing satisfies the Prydes more than dreams and ambitions of being God himself.  But even if it were possible for God to step aside, would they find the comfort of their thrones pleasant?

If these are your parents, it would be better for you to go live in the streets.  It would be better to die of starvation, than to live in the house of Lies.

Truth and humility live in the place of suffering.  Opulence and plenty fill the house of Mr and Mrs Pryde.  Every day and night they entertain many.  And flattery caps every conversation.

But Truth and Humility make their home in the open spaces.  They carefully teach all their children to endure.  They speak joyously about the things of eternity.  They never cease to praise their Father in heaven.  And holy respect caps every conversation.

They are from the lineage of reality.  Trustworthy and dutiful parents, they are adored by all their children.

Who are your parents?

By His Grace