Backward Resolution

I refuse to be a goat.  Therefore, if anyone has need of my earthly possessions, come and take them.  But is the receiving of my perishable things truly clothes and food for you?  Still I will not hinder the thief.

But are you a wise one?  Are you able to distinguish between the perishable things of this world, and the things which I have that are eternal?  Will you have the things of mine that only last one day?  Or will you be bold and ask for the things that never fade.

I refuse to be a goat.  I refuse to hide His property.  Since the day and the hour are unknown, I will busy myself with the things of God.

I look around and see the signs of the end of the age.  I remember the seven woes spoken.  I know whose son is the Christ.  I understand the greatest commandment.

I will pay my taxes to Caesar but I will render my things to God.  The wedding banquet remains invited.  I will not listen to the wayward tenants who care for his vineyard, even to this day.  I will not question the authority of Jesus.  Lest I become as the fig tree.

By His Grace


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