Describing Desire

What kind of burning desire emboldens the Christian?  It would not be right to say, they think of themselves as righteous folks; as if they look down their nose on those who do not believe.  Rather, they burn with a desire to share.

But what words might be used to describe this consuming desire?  If we speak of the enticement of eternal life, we would miss the mark.  To speak of the clean conscience born by the forgiveness of Christ, is fully insufficient.  And to say that they love God, is to make a mockery of the love of God.  For a love toward God, as seen in the Christian, is easily shown as less than full.

So perplexity attends the building of this article.  Because the consuming fire within my heart is more than all these things put together.  The fire is Christ Jesus himself.

In this place of testing, man will lack any ability to describe the Majesty that is Christ.  The best any Christian can do, is to allow the Lord to display himself (By this I mean we simply agree with the Lord).  And in this we recognize what was told the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you”.

By command of Eternity, the Gospel has been handed to men.  Even so, in this it finds restraint.

But now perceive what God has done.  When he enclosed his Majesty in restraint, he intensified desire near to the point of explosion. 

It is as if one closes the door on the oven.  When it is open, the intensity of heat is lessened.  But close the door and you can melt metal.  All this he has done in the frailty of a human life.

Today, this is as close as I can come to describing the desire of a Christian to preach the word to all men.  If you would know more fully about these things, dedicate yourself to things of Christ.

By His Grace


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