Piggishly Stupid

Is it too harsh to refer to men as they are?  As I consider the Glory of God, and His righteousness and love.  I look around me at chaos that is man.

With all my vocabulary I try to form a name for what I see.  In myself, there is an animal.  And by display, I see he lives in most men too.  I will write here the words that seem to fit.

“Stupid pigs; rooting through the mud of humanity to find a tasty morsel.  Not one of you would cry if you were not bitten.  Forced into abject stupidity by ungodly desire.  A worthless horde of foraging filthy pigs.”

What right do I have to speak of my fellow man in such terms?  I have a right, for the pig lives in me too.

My question is, how do others not proclaim the same thing?

Pride glorifies filth.  The Truth glorifies humility.

By His Grace


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