The Religion of Science

The temple you have built will be torn down.  It has been built by “unholy pride of man”.  Without and within, it is full of the things that glitter among men.

The Holy One finds no praise within it.  He is, indeed, held in contempt among the supposed holy things of man.  Yet He is Glory!

Science is the name of the temple you have erected to your own “glory”.  But you have built it of the very dirt the Holy One provides for you.

You define “what is”, according to your limited understanding.  And by your defining, you consider yourselves Great.  How is that any glory to you?

A dog defines his ability, according to the things he is created to accomplish.  How is the unholy “glory” of man any different?

No.  Your temple will not ascend into Eternity.  It will become ash; pulverized beyond substance.  It will not waft on the breeze of Eternity.  Not one speck will land upon any item of God’s New Creation.  It will be sucked down to the very bowels of hell.  There it will remain forever!

The memory of man’s “glory” will not remain; memories of this unholy place you have transformed to your own likeness.  In the blink of an eye, every one of God’s elect will forget your false glory.

The Glory of the Holy One, Jesus the Christ of God, will fill their eyes, desire and eternal soul.  They will worship Him with the greatest of intensity; with an eternal joyfilled, righteous, holy, and willing heart.

The things you are doing will undo your desire to remain among them.  You and all the things you presently adore will come to NOTHING.

Let the wise among men heed these things.  Let the lesser among the worshipers of science consider the things that are pure and Holy.  Let the wicked hearts, who now yearn for trinkets, consider the eternal things of the Holy Living God.  And may this be done quickly.

His Christ will come soon, to claim all that belongs to Him.  And if He waits a while longer to send His Holy Son, your own death will propel you to His presence; even as you lay helpless in the grave, awaiting your judgment.

By His “Coming”, or by your death, your time is well too short to be reliable.  Do not mistake the mercy of God to allow this place of testing to remain another day, as if it is a weakness upon which you can continue in unholy abuse of creation and pride.  Wise of men consider these things with urgent sobriety.  The foolish go to the temple of man, day and night, to worship the work of man’s hands.

By His Grace, these things testify strongly against man.  By His Grace, these words testify of the Glory that is the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  By His Grace alone, shall any man ascend to the Holy Temple of God.


May the Holy Will of the Living God be done forever!