Godly Sorrow

There is sorrow in me

For the vastness of humanity.

What they seek so deep,

They will not keep.

The riches of religious pageantry.

The folly of drunken revelry.

The science which explains it all.

The buildings which stand; so many and tall.

Relationships they hold so dear,

While hating those who dare draw near.

The wars they fight with all their might,

With blood spilled out, both day and night!

The music of the devil planted,

The voice of God, by ruse supplanted.

Their love of freedom regardless the cost.

Even though eternal life is lost.

And so much more, time will not lend.

This sorrow in me just cannot bend.

When all it takes is humility,

To seek God’s face on bended knee.

While God’s promise remains,

“Destruction’ coming”.

They go on with all their precious nothing.

They have no grasp of the war within.

Or the strength of all their dearly loved sin.

Instead they see there’s nothing wrong,

For humanity to sing the song:

“I’m only man.
That’s what I am.
How dare you call me to holiness!

If God is true,
Then contempt is for you.
May all your religions be damned!

For there is no God
On our precious sod,
To teach us the way you proclaim.

So then righteous hatred
To you is directed,
There’s no mercy attached to your name!

Now just leave us alone.
Treck on to your home.
But you’ll die like the rest of us.

Eternity’s there.
Will grant you, that’s fair.
But science alone will save us.

You tire out us.
Provoking disgust.
When time’s proper we’ll seek your demise.

Go up old bald head!
Ascend to your home,
Past our beautiful clear blue skies!”

I hear that song sung

As each day has begun.

To avoid it, I am not fit.

So I counter their din

By praying to HIM:

“Please, Great God,
Teach me how to respond.
Lest their blasphemous words destroy me.

For I know you are True.
And within me is You.
Grant me words that release, not restrain Thee.”

Then I wait for a time,

With my soul so inclined,

To hear his most precious response:

“From the time of Adam to the present,
The rebellion of man has ascended.

Men will do what they do!
It’s not up to you,
To stifle the seed that was planted.

I have heard their proud words.
I’ve considered them fully absurd.
For they think that their words can destroy me.

But I raise up my own,
From My Holy Home.
Keeping blind, those fools who offend me.

But write down what’s good,
For its proper we should
Lay fast the vast great testimony.

Soon enough I’ll descend
To bring complete end
To their fully abhorrent false revelry.”

So I started to write,

As best I might,

A recounting of things that are true.

And by all means I’ll fight

To reveal He whose Right

That the Lord may save his sweet few.

By His Grace


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