Waiting for His Calling

I so look forward to the last moment I will see what man has built.  The last breath of air.  The last rejection of the Gospel.  The last conversation regarding the things of time.

I look forward to the last expression of hatred I am forced to witness.  I want to see my last sunrise.  May my last winter approach me quickly.  And may I pull my blankets up for the last time soon.

I still have great vigor to testify for the Glorious Lord Jesus.  I still have a sound mind to reason with man.  Surely there are millions who have not confronted the Gospel.  And every day is simply too short to do it all.

So there is faith to build, breath to use for his beautiful sake, rejection to encounter, minutes to come and go, hatred to endure, sunrises to pronounce the end of the sweet hour of prayer, a winter, or more, in which pulling my blankets up is pleasurable.

But how I yearn, to see the face of the One who has loved me.  How I yearn for eternity of real peace.  How I long to see those great men of the Lord Jesus.  I am anxious to meet the least in the kingdom of heaven, that I may embrace him as my brother forever.

May my time to come home appear swiftly Holy Lord.  Amen.

By His Grace


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