Blasphemous Murmurings

Have you listened to the murmuring of the waters?  Do you understand the definitions of the words they use?

Language is from God.  But wickedness defines the sounds.

There is nothing innocent in the definitions of man.  In everything man says, there is desire to manipulate.

The ear of God plainly hears the blasphemous prattle.  Are your ears tuned to his perception?

Do not think we cannot Hear.  Christ’s promise offers wisdom to discern.

Or do his people also render blasphemous prattle?  Is that the reason why we embrace man’s definitions so readily?  Is that the reason why we are restrained from “becoming”?

By His Grace


A shaft of salmon colored light,

Makes the difference between the day and night.

Bracketed on the left by the end of a certain cloud.

The Shining slice of Crescent moon

Moves gently between the layers.

The path of faithful traverse,

Is drawn in the mind of a man.

And with the dawn,

Dawns understanding.

The faithful promise of the Faithful One,

Provides another day.

And I am witness to this explosion of opportunity.

What was, is registered in the mind of the Holy One.

What is yet to be of this day, is given into his hands.

The hour of prayer has come and gone.

But the life I live is yet to dawn.

You bring faithfulness and continuance,

O’ holy Lamb of God.

Come and have your way with me.

Teach me great humility.

For you alone are God.


By His Grace