The Price We Pay

World War II; the black car pulls into the driveway.  Those who live there know what the messenger brings.  Horror slowly dawns; a son will never come home again.

But the messenger did arrive.  Having arrived, he will certainly deliver the message.

You know me.  I am a messenger from the Holy Lord God Almighty.  I have arrived before your face, and you know the reason why.  Horror slowly dawns on your soul; having arrived, I will not fail to deliver the message.  “Repent or die”.

They did not want to see the black car in their driveway.  They did not want to see the impeccable uniform dismount.  But the soldier will not retreat until he has discharged his duty.  This also, those who live there know.

That is the case for those who deliver bad news.  How much more so for those who deliver the Good News?

What barrier is it for the soldier, that they were not ready to receive him?  What barrier is it to me, that you are not ready to receive me?

By His Grace


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