“A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.”


Faith in the Christ of the Living God.

Political, social, personal, bodily, mental, environmental, technical, it doesn’t matter what it is.  Christ Jesus is the panacea for all the ailments of Man.

From aspirin to nucular bombs, from violence to political correctness, from sewers to recycling, from the advancements of wars to the pursuit of world peace, humanity tries everything but Jesus.  Take a good look at the result of Man’s ability.  Go ahead and be ignorant (display stupidity), tell me things are better than they’ve ever been. 

Why would you say such a thing?  Is it because you can watch television?  “Big woop!”  Do you think things are better than they’ve ever been because you have a cell phone?  “Woo hoo!”  Do you really think man has cured everything evil because you get to ride around in a car?  “Wow!  Really, wow?”

Depression runs rampant among you.  Hatred and anger are the call of the day.  Blame is considered the cure for personal mental difficulties.  And unforgiveness, ungodliness, hatred, immorality, laziness, obesity, physical and mental illness of every kind, find a happy home among modern Man.  “Yeeha!”  Not to mention the pre-eminent god of Man, money.

The majority of mankind has thrown Jesus to the refuse pile.  And in doing that, they have sealed their own fate.  I can’t fix the world.  I can’t help even one person.  But unless you give your life to Jesus, in its entirety, you are destined to suffer by your own hand.

Panacea among men is a fairytale.  But look how stupidly they chase after it.  The solution is quite simple.  Trust Jesus with everything you have.  Allow him to show you how to be holy.

To solid Christians, this is obvious.  To the rest of the world, it is an abhorrent  concept.   But does anybody even ask why that’s true?  It’s true because it destroys the pride of Man.  It’s a direct attack against everything Man is.

The Word of God labels every man as a liar.  God has no respect for any man.  God says, “Humble yourself before me!  Remain in that posture, and when my wisdom says the time is right, I will lift you up”.

But people say, “NO!  You will lift me up now.  Everything in this world either does what I want it to, or I throw it away.”  And this is how they have treated the Holy Son of the Most High God.  “You will fix my troubles now, if indeed you are God.”

Ok that’s fine.  Then live among the things of squalor.  Watch your children turn to drugs and sexual immorality.  Watch the concept of marriage become so deluded that priests even marry animals to humans.  Watch the wars intensify.  Watch every sort of wickedness explode in the streets.  And you will be fully helpless to stop it.

Christ Jesus IS the panacea!  And it really doesn’t matter whether you believe these things or not.  Eternity is quite capable of moving on without you.

By His Grace


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