Amazing Transformation!

structural1A 40′ X 18″ I Beam weighs about 400 lb.  How excited would man be if he could find a way to construct that same span and strength to weigh only 3 lb?  What kind of material could do that?  I would guess that search has been on since the invention of steel.

But man doesn’t have to look very far to find a material that’s stronger than such a fantasy.  He need only look to his rebellious soul.

Nothing on earth, or in all creation is harder than the rebellious soul of a man.  Yet Jesus is famous for exchanging such a marvelously difficult material into a heart of flesh.  The stone cold heart of man is easily rendered into one that understands and does the will of God.  But don’t think you’re going to do that yourself.

It takes the slightest will, in a man, to yield to Christ.  At that point, a flaw is found in the amazingly hard heart.  It is through that flaw that Christ Jesus begins his work.  Yes, it takes time.  But those who yield early in their life can likely expect to become that elusive material that man has sought since the time of Adam.


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