Peace, of God!

Man is not ashamed of his greed.  He is only fearful of being exposed. 

The zealots of false religion do not hide their zeal.  They are only fearful that their lies are exposed or denounced. 

The timid are not ashamed of their fear.  They are dressed in false peace.  They are only fearful that someone may rightfully ask “too much” of them.

Man pursues what he desires.  And with all his strength he is zealous to gain or retain.  But make no mistake, so is God! 

Why should God’s people not be zealous for the things of their master?  It is like man to be zealous for all He desires.  Why can’t that zeal be reigned in for the Son of the Most High God? 

What right do we have to fear?  Where is it written that God’s people will fear?  Is there such a thing as cowering in the Kingdom of the Most High God’s Holy Son?  Isn’t it true that he has spoken exactly the opposite?

Men desire what they want, and with all their strength they pursue it day and night.  All God’s people are purchased from man.  How is it that when a man becomes a Christian he loses his desire to pursue?  Before we belonged to Christ we fought tooth and nail to keep what we desired. 

Who told us that the Peace of God rips desire from our heart?  Capture such who say these things and put them to open shame!  For the fruit of their false words diminishes the Army of our God.  Our brothers fight with less strength, because the liars turn away their fellow warriors from the battle between righteousness and ungodly wickedness!

There is a war that has been since before you were born.  This war will continue until God says “Enough”!  Do you desire to take part?  Then by all means, with what is left of your ability, move yourself to the fracas!

If you are an able Christian, with healthy arms and legs, run to the battlefield.  If you were wounded and nearly dead, grab hold of rocks and grass, and slither yourself to the field of blood.  Let your soul stand for Christ!

Let us endure the “holy pain”, for the sake of the glorious Lord Jesus.  Let us put our selves in a conspicuous place.  Let us swallow fear.  Let us fight for Christ!

This place of testing is nearly finished.  Will we be caught as desirous of “peace”?  When the Son of man returns will he find us amiable and willingly among the ungodly and the wicked?  Will he find us embroiled in friendship with the world?  Or will he find us being ripped to shreds on the battlefield of godly intent?

By His Grace

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