Making God Proud

There is a saying among men that is worthy of inspection.  Anything that’s worthy is simply worthy.  Come on, let’s get after it.

“Be the kind of man of which God can be proud.”

On the surface it sounds pretty good.  It’s inspirational.  It provokes a never-ending stream of good behavior.  As far as I know, it’s grammatically correct.   But it is also seriously wrong.

A mother may be proud of her ugly and inept son.  But her pride is not due to the fact that he is a supreme representation of humanity.  She is proud of her responsibility.  She is proud of her gift from God.  Frankly, she is proud of God.

God is no respecter of any man.  To say that he is proud of any man, can be considered pure folly.  This is the same God who said all our righteous deeds are as filthy rags (let the reader understand the meaning of the words “filthy rags”).

What can a man possibly do that would make God proud of him?  Every righteous deed we do is as if under duress.  For every man will readily tell you that if he does not behave he will be punished.

There is One of whom God is proud.  His name is Jesus.  As we obey and praise God’s Holy Son, the Pride God has for him is enhanced.  Let us then, revamp the saying. 

“Let us be the kind of men who honor the One who has roused God’s pride.”

By His Grace

To “Do”?

The day belongs to you, my God, Christ Jesus.  Then as is right to do, I present myself before you.

What shall I harvest? 
What seeds shall I plant? 
Shall I water,
Shall I weed,
Shall I plow,
Or shall I rant?

Shall I give strength to the weak?
Shall I humble the proud?
Shall I glorify the Living God out loud;

In word,
In deed,
In work,
In thought,
With all my soul attentive?

Or has my mind turned to works of man; that glory is mine on the day of presenting? 

Is not my place a special gift, as according to your wisdom you do?

To provoke,
To provide,
To prosper,
To hide,
All my ways within your Righteous blood.

This day belongs to you my God, Christ Jesus.  Do as you will with your servant, I stand as ready as you cause me to be.

By His Grace

To the Proud


No man can farm more than the ground he is given.  No man can perceive past what the wisdom of God has allowed.  Every man then, is subject the ownership of someone else.  But oh how lies and pride desire something else.

“I will be a free man!  I will choose my own destiny.  I will gather to myself by my own hand.  I will live a free man!”

Will you now?  If you will be free, what restrains you from being God?  Immediately go and be the Living God.  Abandon your imagination or go and be God.

Lies are all we own, if we think we are free men.  If we think we own the power to choose our own destiny, then we are blind fools.

Even if a man calls a piece of fertile ground his own.  Even if he knows how to plant and to grow, that he may sustain his body, the ground belongs to God.  The Sun, the water, the seasons, and the wheat, all belong to God.  How can you possibly be a free man, able to choose your own destiny?

“I think, therefore I am”.  Descartes is said to have fallen on the most valuable of truth.  But look how he qualifies “I am”.  In order to “be”, he must be able to think.  Is he then a free man?  Was he not also subject to death?

With a proud mouth he spoke what he considered a wonderous truth.  Where is he now?  Where is his farm?  Where is his able body and “sharp” mind?  Produce him before me and I will give him aplause.

How many men balance their worth on his “brilliant” saying?  How many men live their entire life encased in a lie? “I am able to choose my own destiny.  I think, therefore I am!  I will spit on the things of God!  I will willingly despise the word holy.”

Will you now?  Then produce from your great intellect, eternal life.  Prove to us how great you are.  Fashion your own planet on which you can live.  Spin a star to grow your plants.  Increase your self before us that we may perceive your great strength.  And do not promise me that men will accomplish this!  Do it now, if truly you are able!

You only imagine yourself as capable.  You dress yourself in lies from the time you wake up until the time you sleep.  The only thing you have is pride.  And pride is easily shaken by a single word, “Death”.

May God be merciful to you, that you may remember my words.  “You are not accountable to me.  But you will certainly be held accountable to the one who has made you.”

May those words chase you down, while you wake or while you sleep.  May your fortress of Lies be utterly  destroyed.   May sweat be your shower of cleansing day and night.  May anxiety accompany your sense of great worth.  May your filthy imagination become to you as a brood of Asps; that every time you reach out your hand to glorify yourself, your pride might bite you with fatal fangs.  May understanding become your best and dearest friend.  May humility become your daily bread.  May God force you to perceive yourself as restricted under his Holy hand.  And may he have mercy, that before you die, you will glorify and honor His Holy and Righteous Son.

And may the day come quickly, when I can refer to you as my brother in Christ Jesus.

By His Grace