Christian-Cross-Coloring-PagesThe mother of a little girl sat her child at the kitchen table.  Mom placed a drawing of a cross on a hill with a shash before the child to color.  Then mommy went about preparing dinner.

The child knew the color of wood.  She knew the color of grass.  She knew to shade the rocks with gray, and the sky with blue.  But when it came to the shash, the little one was perplexed.

“What is the color of the cloth?”  The tiny one asked.  Mother responded with the wisdom from God.  “Let God tell you what color to use honey.”

Tiny fingers reached for the box.  With the pure faith of a child she drew out the proper one.  And with all the care she had she shaded the cloth.

“It’s done.”  The precious one said.  But when mom came over to see, understanding reached deep into her soul.  God spoke to Mommy with clarity.  The color the child had chosen was the palest pink in the box.

As we are, so we teach.  Does God see?  Yes he does.

Do we worship in the true Gospel?  Or is our version so watered down that the very blood of Christ is but a pale pink?


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