Who accomplishes the will of the Living God?  Isn’t that the one who is constantly looking to him for direction?

To what direction should we look, since no man has ever been in heaven?  Doesn’t it require a deep and living friendship with the Holy Son of God?

And how should we be friends with one we cannot see or meet?  Doesn’t it require faith from God?

What faith can a man have in mere words?  It is required that God should give life to those words within us.

Religion by itself, produces nothing but its self.  But the faith that God gives spawns a religion all on its own.

People, you have it backward.  You present your religion is if God should honor it.  But such procedure comes from the imagination of man.  If it is not of God and from God it will be eternally destroyed.

No man can become anything more than his religion dictates.  And how very few even aspire to that.  But religion that is spawned from heaven, aspires toward heaven.  And once a man is caught up in the things of the Living God, he can no longer aspire to less.

The religions of man lean toward pride.  The religion that God grants leans toward complete humility.

We are what we eat.  Bake cow pies if you desire.  I will be satisfied with nothing more than the manna from Heaven.  And this, not from my righteousness, but it is the gift of God, lest any man should boast.

By His Grace


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