Lithographs of Jesus’ Life and Ministry

These pictures were claimed from an old book that was about to be thrown away.  It’s not that the book is useless in itself.  It was that the book would never be read.  At least by posting these here, the work of His servant, whoever it was, won’t be in vain.


As we believe, we live.  As we know, we do.  As we worship and serve, the Living God’s Holy Son is Glorified.


20150510_082659 20150510_082534 20150510_082547 20150510_082605 20150510_082640 20150510_082659 20150510_082735 20150510_082750 20150510_082806 20150510_082817 20150510_082900 20150510_082910 20150510_082923 20150510_082933 20150510_082943 20150510_083008 20150510_083017


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