From dawn to Dawn

Sleep is but an irritation,

When eternity stand so close.

It’s when I move away from Him

That I love my sleep the most.

Then let me be tired and discomposed.

Let Him solely be my strength.

Then, I shall rise and do my work,

Till eternity shows its length.

From the dawn to The Dawn;

The place my Lord adored!

Let my back to perceive the darkness,

Let my soul on Him be moored!

I’ve only “now” to do His work,

None “other” will time allow;

The place to set my feeble hands,

Holding tightly to His plow.

Come reap what lovely things are Yours,

Your Holy hand has sown.

Make straight the furrow

And dig it deep.

Bring Glory to Your Throne.

By His Grace


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