From Trauma to Glory

Birth is no easy experience.  Neither is death to be desired.  Yet once birth has happened, death is inevitable.  In between the two is an innumerable number of choices to be made.  But for what purpose?

Pain calls our name.  Toil and heartache know where we sleep.  Adding to the difficulty of life, the expenses of pleasure call from every corner. 

There is nothing profitable about pleasure.  Everytime we take a break from toil and heartache, we lose something valuable; money, reputation, preparation, and resources.  Yet we justify it by saying, “I just need a little rest.  Then I’ll be stronger”. 

But no sooner do we get back to our toil and heartache and the entire pleasure becomes a forgotten matter.  All we have left is memories, pictures, souvenirs, and wasted time.  Yes, even the pursuit of pleasure is toil in itself.

You might be thinking I’m just a stick in the mud.  But you know that what I’m saying is true.  From front to back, and everywhere in between, life is full of difficulty. 

People do everything they can to remove the rough edges of life.  But even as they rub them smooth, the smoothing quickly breaks loose and sharp edges reappear.

This world has a singular design for humanity.  It is designed to teach God’s people to endure through faith.  The wicked heart will strive to find pleasure here.  But God’s righteous elect will keep their eyes firmly fixed on his Holy promise.

The wicked will have their tumultuous pleasure.  But the people of God will find pleasure in pleasing the Living God’s Christ. 

Christianity recognizes that this place was sufficient to test the Holy Son of God.   And here is where I mention that he is a very example God’s elect must follow.

Did the Lord shrink back from righteousness?  Not once.  Did he seek to use his body for pleasure?  Again, not once.  He did nothing but what his Heavenly Father told him to do. 

Did he take a vacation?  Did he chase after money?  Did he lie or cheat or steal?  He did not seal up his mouth, for fear of Man.  He did not cease to pray.  And if he had any knowledge in this world, it was the entirety of what is called the Old Testament.

There is our example

Consider the outcome of his life.  He is now firmly fixed as first in all creation.  Now allow yourself to ponder the outcome of mimicking his life.

Who is man, that God should send His Holy Son as a sacrifice for our sins?  What is it the righteous elect are to inherit?  How can any pleasure in this world compare to what God has in store for those who love him?

Psalm 82:6.  While you’re at it, consider the outcome of satan’s choice.  Ponder the meaning of the differences between Christ Jesus and the one condemned to destruction.

By His Grace


18 thoughts on “From Trauma to Glory

  1. hey ..hi..,Actually “god” is most controversial/sensitive topic,every religion has its plus points/minus points ,also atheist is one point to be considered so its the huge issue!! But I am very glad after reading your last 2 lines of comment ” he may break the hold of every possible cast on earth.May He grant you that freedom as one of his children.By His Grace.”..I really appreciate that 1!!actually you should not use “may”(sign of uncertainty) there,If he has all power & we are all his children then he can do anything without considering the boundaries of religions..Now,MAY be he loves me most than any other in this world!!!


    • The word “may” does not refer to God. It refers to our willingness to listen to him. And as for all men being his children, he himself has said, “Many are called but few are chosen”. ( Matthew 22: 14)

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      • If you really think that the God(which you consider as yours) can give his enormous power & love to the person other than your religion also,then & then i will totally agree with you!!


      • There are people who say that satan is God. There are people who worship cats. Billions of people worship themselves. Even more people worship other men. The humanist worships his imagination. And of the worship and religion of men, there is apparently no end.

        If I try to give top billing to every religion of man, I will die a very confused old man. But I have refused to be a confused person.

        I studied psychology, and found it lacking. I looked into Islam and founded militant, and too great a burden to carry. I looked into the Catholic Church, and found them worshiping figurines and dead people.

        Everywhere I looked, I found futility. But I read the Bible. And in the pages of that book, I saw a constant reference to the living God.

        I saw that God does not honor many different gods. I saw him make fun of man’s imagination. Then I read about his Christ.

        The Bible is not confused. In it God demands that we honor his Christ. And I was fearful for my soul.

        You mentioned that religion is a very difficult subject among people. Yes it is. But it is not difficult because of God. It is difficult because man is so deviant.

        How deviant is man? He is wicked enough to crucify the Son of God. I cannot add every man’s religion to the sovereign God’s holy son. I do not have that authority. And if people take offense at that, I can give them no answer.

        But let a man read the Bible and make up his own mind.

        There is one God. He has one holy son. He sent His Son to die for our sins. In the Christ of God, there is true freedom. But this freedom comes with a very high price.

        Man was violent to the Son of God. Man will also be violent to those who are his children. Yes, religion is a volatile issue. But every man must be willing to die for what he believes.

        Think of it this way, no man lives in many houses at the same time. He must live in one, and visit the others from time to time. But he knows his own house. and he does not bestow that honor on the others.

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      • Yes,your all thoughts/arguments are acceptable as i also dont know the truth because yet your/our/anyones god has not given me all the power,But do you believe that his(Gods) son can born in other religion than Christ? so that its better to understand your views!!


      • You asked a question I have never heard. The Lord Jesus will help me answer.

        Christ Jesus is the very word of the living God. He is not himself subject to the use of men. If other religions use him, that is their choice. But he stands solely in favor of His Holy Father.

        I worship the Lord Jesus as best I am able to understand him. What is written in the New Testament reveals enough for us to put him in his proper place. But men will add and take away from his majesty.

        Is Christ born in other religions? They try to make him a member of their family. But it brings no shame to Christ. It only brings shame to the ones who water down the message of the new testament.


      • No, misunderstand it,,!!! what i want to ask is “In todays world OR in upcoming future,if god sends his son to earth,then do you believe that he can born in other religion also?”


      • God sent His Son into the world once. I perceive this has something to do with reincarnation. The Lord Jesus told us, through His Apostle, that is is given to men wants to die and then face judgement. By the testimony of Christ himself, I cannot believe in reincarnation.

        Besides all that, if you read what the Lord Jesus endured to secure our salvation, why would anyone ask him to do it again? Not to mention that reincarnation removes argency of today’s responsibility to God.


      • Then who will stop the abusive crimes/injustice in todays world?…& if you think that he borns only 1 time,then why he waited for more than 4 million years after formation of earth?you can know his form which 2000 years ago,because you got the skill of writing so that you can write down those evidences ,but what if he had borne many times in past, where the evidence cant reach to you?…so sorry,but i am not agreed that he born only for 1 time..


      • About God’s timing, I can’t answer you. I can only believe what is written. And weather another person believes or not, I can’t help them. I do know this however, the truth about jesus does not come from the imagination of man. It is revealed to us by God himself.

        There are millions of people who have read the Bible and walked away not believing what they read. They tried to understand from their own mind. But God tells us that his word is true. He doesn’t bother to tell us all the details.

        Any man is welcome to believe God’s Word or not. This is why many are called but few are chosen.


      • Thats why i told at very 1st stage that its a huge issue,we dont have any answers based on truth/proofs…If you think you have some answers & only few that you can not give,then its an illusion because every question is link to other so we have to know everything to answer the single question.And as i had said every other religion also has its points & their followers are also focused on ,similar as li you.So we cant judge any of them unless we are known to everything!
        And who knows ,the task/challenge to know everything about everything is only for that single person who is chosen one!!


      • You ask me questions. I have tried to answer you. But I am just a man.

        If you seriously want answers, you will need to read the Bible yourself. God has a way of saying things that allow no room for dispute.

        At the same time, I cannot tell you that reading the Bible will cause you to believe. It is not important that you believe me. I do not claim to have all the answers. I simply continue to point to Jesus.

        Now here’s the problem. If what I say is true, and a man does not search these things out himself, the loss belongs to the man.

        What I tell you is true. but beyond telling you, I can help you no farther. Every single person must encounter the gospel on his own.

        But let’s say, that you do read the Bible. Let’s imagine that some place within it your mind is changed. That by some means, God causes you to believe. Then you will have a freedom you have never known.

        Didn’t this conversation start over the word “May”?


      • same as your opinion,there are also other religious books ,if you read them,your this belief also can be changed…& every single single follower suggest his own book to other,I am not saying this is bad thing,its natural,but if you had learnt that then you are expected to give all the answers…I just can say O.K….As i (also no one) dont know the truth behind everything so i cant say that you are right as well as I cant say that you are wrong!!!!!!!!


      • With all the opportunity to believe things that are only partially true, I am amazed myself that the living God should introduce me to his holy son.

        There are a lot of people who do not hold to the fullness of Christianity. As it was said, they will have a form of religion but deny the power of it. It is not just the words of the Bible that has caused me to believe. It is the power of God upon me that has transformed my life.

        Certainly, education is necessary. But then got Come to the believer and fruits that the education the believer got from the Bible is true.

        It is easy to discount what I sent just now. And you are not wrong to lump my beliefs, as if they are opinion, with that of every other belief in the world. How could you possibly do otherwise unless you have tasted the power of God in your own soul.

        Nothing I have said to you should be taken as an accusation, or even a statement of war between us. I have only tried to answer your questions. But when I saw that you consider all religions equal in their opinions, I realized that I can help you no farther. I didn’t mean to shut you off, or throw you away.

        And my challenge, that you should read the bible, is the only answer I can give you. Yes, the books of other religions can entice one into that specific opinion. What the difference is the power of God for those who believe in his holy son.

        Again, may God grant you understanding.

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      • There is a big difference between reading something with empty brain/mind..(means reading the 1st book about that subject) & reading something, after reading lots of books of that certain subject..


      • & yes ,somewhat i believe in “Man was violent to the Son of God. Man will also be violent to those who are his children. “


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