Eternal Mechanics


I saw I headline that asked the question, “If God is love then why is homosexuality condemned?”  I’m not going to waste my time trying to pick a part sexually immorality.  Those who are embroiled in such a sin would not listen to me anyway.  I know the power of sexual deviance.  I know the power of a rebellious heart.  I know the volatility of pride.  So I won’t waste my time trying to explain why sexual immorality does not find God’s approval.  (Yes, dear creatures, homosexuality is sin!)

But the question could be asked in regard to any sin.  The answer has no respect for any particular sin.  Lying, stealing, murder, gluttony, pride, you name it, they all fall under the heading of deviance.  Why bother to single one out?

The question simply shows a monumental misunderstanding.  The consequences of this misunderstanding are dire!  And I can’t find words to express it more strongly.  (But the strength of an expression does not necessarily lend to its viability in the readers mind.) There is absolutely no deviance in Life.  But death is full of deviance from Life.  Life lives, death dies.  A childish way to put it, but it’s true none the less.

Try to understand.  God is Pure Life.  There is not the slightest speck of deviance within him.  It is impossible.  The question above cannot be spoken by a holy creature, or even a sincere heart.  It can only be spoken by a deviant soul; that is to say, a soul which does not contain perfect Life.

Everything in creation comes in threes.  You ask a question, you get an answer, there must be a response.  Ask any good salesman and he will tell you, “No” is a legitimate response.  “No” does not provide what is desired.  But it is a legitimate response, and it is absolutely necessary to give it its proper place.

The salesman offers you an opportunity to purchase a remedy for a problem.  You have a legitimate, free will, right to say no.  That doesn’t condemn the offer.  It simply elevates your right to choose

The question that comes after the first one, has to do with condemnation.  “Will God truly destroy the sinner?”  The answer is quite simple.  The sinner destroys himself.  And God is not diminished by the sinner’s death.

God doesn’t need to take any action at all.  He doesn’t make you sin.  It’s entirely your choice.  And again, the question of destruction only comes from a mind full of destruction.

Take note that both questions have nothing to do with obedience.  They have to do with justification of deviance.  They do not come from a willing student, they come from a rebellious and proud soul.

And though such questions raise up anger in me, I cannot blame the deviant for being what they are.  Nor does God blame you for being deviant.  He will simply put you in the place built for deviants. 

It’s just a matter of eternal mechanics.  Death belongs to death, life belongs to life.  Wickedness belongs to deviance, obedience belongs to what is holy.  It’s really not that complicated.

If you see a black widow spider in the cradle of your only son, you will surely kill it.  You desire health and life for your baby.  And you will protect it with violence.  In essence: you do not hate the spider, you love the life of your child.  I can guarantee you the spider will not understand.  But it won’t matter, will it?  If you can’t grasp why God would destroy the sinner, what is it to him if you don’t understand?

Why should it be surprising that God will protect eternity?  No sin, no sinner, no deviance, no rebellion, no wicked thing or person, will be allowed entrance into eternity.  And striving to justify your sin does absolutely nothing to change the violence of God’s Holy Love.

How much does God love?  I mean to ask, what is the nature of the love of God?  He is so firm and beautiful, and full of life, that he was willing to send His Holy Son to die at the hands of his enemies; that he may become to sacrifice for them.  He sent His Son into a bowl of rebellion, so that God could have the means to change them.

But take note of this: he desires to impart the pureness of eternal life.  The sacrifice of Christ Jesus is not an open-ended credit card.  The mercy of God is extended so that we will not fear to come near him and learn.  His intent is to change us, not to accept us as we are.

Specifically, what is it we need to learn?  We need to learn to stop trying to justify our deviance.  We need to learn to recognize the nature of our rebellion against him.  And with this recognition comes some semblance of humility.  And humility is the foundation of eternal learning. 

How can a rebellious and proud student learn anything in a classroom?  The teacher is not going to change his rebellious attitude.  Its up to the child to listen and to observe.  It is impossible that a rebellious soul will learn anything from the Living God.  Such a soul does not come to him to learn.  He only comes with justification for his rebellion.

If you had a foolish employee who refused to learn, you would eventually get rid of him.  If you told him to present a written intent to change his ways, and he showed up with a list of justifications, would you be irritated?  You might make a few comments, in the interview, to draw out your desire from him.  But if blame and justification is his continual response, he will be looking for a new job.

God only asks that we have a willing heart to ask for his help.  You may question whether he is willing to help you or not.  Isn’t the testimony of Christ Jesus, as found in the Gospels, enough proof for you?

The Holy Father sent his eternal Son into a body of flesh.  When the time was right, the Lord Jesus began to speak the words of His Holy Father.  And God confirmed his Holy Son’s words by many miracles.  From the healing of a common fever, to the raising of the dead!  God proved that Jesus was His Holy Son. 

It really doesn’t matter whether you believe that or not.  That is now the nature of creation.  It did happen.  And Christianity exists because of God’s love.  Here I am, delivering the message.  There you are, reading it.  The response is up to you.

That, my friend, is all the proof he will give you.  If you are not willing to believe that, then you are not willing to let go of your rebellion.  And by our unwillingness to let go, we prove we don’t want any part of eternal life.

Now let me try to show you why this is a viable and important message.  I’ll do the best I can, but the confirmation of this message needs to be individually received from God.

It is impossible for God to entertain deviance of any kind.  God is willingly responsible for the life of every creature.  God is the very and singular source of all sustaining.  If he entertains anything unholy, he loses a certain strength of life.  Let me say as strongly as I possibly can, he will not entertain your justifications!

You do not command God.  It is God, by absolute necessity, that commands you.  Seek out His Holy Son, or die.  It’s really quite that simple.  It’s simply a matter of eternal mechanics.  And the choice is put squarely into your own hands.

You can say no.  But you will die just like you are.  There is no place in eternity for you, if indeed “No” is your answer.

But saying “Yes”, opens the door to a life you have never known.  The preparation has been made for you.  Do you have the guts to come and take it?  Or do you insist on spewing rebellious crap from your mouth?

P. S. Propriety says I should have ended this message on a positive question.  But propriety has been instrumental in silencing the message of Christianity.

Some will be repulsed at my use of the word “crap”.  You know what folks, I don’t really care.  This message is going out to deviant people who speak that kind of language.  They call the message of Christ Jesus “crap”.  I just gave them back there money.

By His Grace


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