Construct of World Change

The world will use the Gospel of Christ as a rule of righteousness and social change.  The people of the Lord Jesus know better.

God does not save his people to be instruments of world change.  God saves his people that they may become instruments of Heaven.  The changes that are made, because of the Christian’s presence in this world, are simply a byproduct.  As we are transformed to serve the Living God in Christ, our thoughts, words, and actions necessarily influence those around us.

If you want to be a change agent in the world, for the sake of the world, then obey the constructs the world has already established.  If you want to be an ambassador of Christ to the world, you need to submit your life completely to him.

There is a distinct difference.  The world cannot see it.  But God’s people know it, very clearly.

By His Grace


2 thoughts on “Construct of World Change

  1. Hey,but your book stated that this earth is formed in just 6 days & humans are formed on 6th day,Moon/Sun are created after the earth..e.t.c.!!You know that thousands of crores years took to create this earth & also to create the 1st living thing…& i think people 2000 years ago cant even count up to crores…
    Beside the book,,churches had opposed the scientific stuff in 15th-16th century..they had burned the thousands of women alive by naming them as “witch”!!


    • You approach Christianity with your own mind, the proof of the wickedness of man, the limits of time, and the things society teaches. In this, I am not blaming you. Situations are left to any man?

      But I have clearly stated that no man can understand the things of heaven unless it is revealed to him from heaven. You will never understand the Holy Father and Christ Jesus is Holy Son, unless you humble yourself in prayer and ask him to show you clearly. The truth of heaven cannot possibly be understood by a man who is limited by all those things I mentioned.

      I testify concerning the things that God has taught me in his Holy Son. I cannot bother to defend the faith of Christianity, God defends himself.

      I know for a fact that every knee will bow and give glory to God that Christ Jesus is Lord and Master of all. As long as we point our finger at other things and say this cannot possibly be true, we waste our time.

      I will continue to keep you in my prayers. But in the end, the choice will be your very own.

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