Evidence of “The Faith”.

A pear tree bears pears.
A worm is readily identified.
The work of a wicked man
Is evident in the form of destruction,
Regardless the name he may give his work.

God is life.
There are many who “claim”,
They have God’s blessings;
They will be readily identified by the fruit they bear.

Any man may make any claim he chooses.
And let us not discount
The necessity of the plant to grow;
From seedling to harvest
Wisdom is known by its children.


God’s Holy Son gives what
Belongs to His Holy Father;
The living wisdom of the
Living God for the purpose of Holy Living Life;
The forgiveness of sins,
And the emergence of an eternal being.
The one who truly belongs to Jesus
Will bear the things that belong to His Holy Father.

Death is readily identified.
The life God gives is void of death by its intent.
If there is violence to be evident,
Let it be apparent by the subjection wickedness;
First within the man himself,
Then in his blossoms
Which give birth to true life.

Lies fill the Earth.
Life fills Heaven Eternal.
Every tree will be known 
By the fruit it bears.
Man may hide from Man,
God divides Life from Death.

By His Grace


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