God Provides the Way Out

We are not well-intentioned beings.  Even a lot of Christians believe that Man is simply misguided.  “If you explain his misbehavior to him, the wayward soul will rectify his life.”  That’s what the leaders of humanism will tell you.  That’s what the atheist would love to believe, if he had any proof.  Isn’t that the reason for the popular saying, “LIVE UNITED“?

The teaching that we are simply misguided by lack of knowledge, is simply and thoroughly untrue.  If it were true that man was simply a misguided and under educated being, there would have been many communes filled with really nice people  that still exist today.  But that’s not the case is it?

Even Christianity, that religion which is supposed to have the guidance of the Most High God’s Holy Son, is filled with turmoil and unholy behavior.  If man could be successful at establishing a beautiful populous, it would have happened within the first century after the birth of Christianity, and you would be able to find it today.

The problem is, God’s Word is true: even the best of our well-intentioned righteousness is no better than filthy rags.  We not only obey as if under duress for the threat of death or punishment, we invent wicked pleasures from our imagination.  And we do it all the time.

That is why the majority of the things I have written, by His grace, are pointed at the wickedness of Man.  God did not send his Holy Son to pat the righteous people on the back.  The Holy Father sent His only Son to mankind to deliver three messages.
1. Every man is already condemned to destruction before the Lord God Almighty.  All that’s left is to arrive on the Judgment Day to receive the condemnation.

2. The Holy Father has sent his Son as The Teacher of holiness.  He taught as many as would listen when he was here in bodily form.  And he teaches those who believe in Him through the Holy Spirit even today.

3. God caused his beautiful Son to become a Living Sacrifice for any who will claim his strength instead of their own.  For those who are willing to believe this message, God has loved us beyond words.  He has loved us to the very death of his only Holy Son.  And that at the very hands of those the Lord Jesus was sent to help.

If you can’t believe this message, your status before the Most High God does not change.  God the Father has offered up his only Son for your benefit, what more do you expect him to do?

Do you expect him to recieve you just like you are?  Well isn’t that the message I just wrote above?  Do you expect him to receive you because you are a righteous and good hearted person?  How does that stack up to what I just told you?

God has sent His Son to redeem the wicked depravity that is every single man’s filthy soul.  All you have to do is humble yourself and pray.  If you are willing to listen to him, he will transform your life from depravity to holiness.  Jesus is able and willing to offer eternal life to any who will trust him.

A man once said to me, “l don’t need Jesus.  I’ll take my chances at the judgment”.  The problem is, Sir, there is no such thing as “chances” on the Judgment Day.

By His Grace


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