Thinking Through the Fog of Chaos

What connection to eternity lays in the mind of Man?  All he has ever known is difficulty and death.  Yes there is knowledge of the concept of eternity.  But to grasp the fullness of its meaning is beyond the mind of men.

Why is it then that so many argue against the Gospel from the foundations of thought that lay in such a putrid disarray? 

By His Grace


“Stir the pot”, a mundane saying that is more volatile then a nuclear weapon.  The saying has a malicious use.  There are many people who stir the pot of humanity simply for the joy of watching the chaos it produces.  But it also has the sweetest of intent when used properly.

How can I stir the pot of godly things within my soul?  And how can I stir the pot for my brothers of flesh to do the same?  I don’t desire to raise anger to the surface.  I’m trying to lift desire for God from the bottom of the pot to the surface.

As my soul is stired, one of the things that comes floating to the surface is called eternity.  In that nugget of absolutes lays enough concern to consume my entire life.  And as I look at my own unwillingness to obey, I naturally have fear for the sake of my brothers.

For that reason alone, I cannot be silent.  The Living God has spoken, death is the inheritance of every man outside of his Holy Son’s rule.  It is imperative that I let this understanding consume me.  It is imperative that every man do the same.

The day of flesh is quickly coming to an end.  I will not allow it to be said that I did not warn my brothers. 

By His Grace

The Concept of Holy

“Holy” presents itself among the masses of men.  It has done so since the beginning of Man.  And it has no intention of turning away.  The reaction to that concept today, is the same as it was in the beginning of Man, it has not changed at all.

Present the concept of holiness to anyone, now watch their response.  If you witness the response of Man to the concept of holiness from a remote position, it could be humorous.  But there’s nothing funny about the death of a soul.

I remember when I first understood the concept of holiness.  I was in my early thirties.  I saw my own reaction and was surprised.  I had been taught, just like the rest of all people, to turn away from the concept by trying to trivialize it.  Everywhere I looked people were willing to push God into opinion.  And only a handful would even dare debate the issue.  That state of affairs has not changed.

People are willing to debate anything (Absolutely anything), “but let us leave this concept of holiness untouched”.  But I can’t, my friends.

Since I was a child, I learned that if there is something the majority of people hate, it is likely the very thing that I should investigate.  And in the process of investigation into the concept of holy, I found an unspeakable and astounding sin.  By ignoring what is holy, Man spits in the face of his Creator.  How can that possibly turn out well?

Now I look around me.  What do I see?  Sports, movies, games, relationships, sex, violence, politics, education, apparel, housing, luxury, trade, everything that a man can imagine, except holiness.

By His Grace

3 Day Old Mashed Potatoes

A man may follow some horrible passion that lands him in jail, yet there are always people who are willing to embrace him as a brother of flesh when he gets out.  He may commit some social taboo, in which he loses all his friends.  Yet there will be many who are willing to embrace him as a brother of flesh.

But the one who desires to have only conversations regarding God and his Holy Son, will find himself cast away like three day old mashed potatoes.  Those who are willing to embrace him, are exceedingly far between and few.

With a distinct lack of interest for the things of this world, the one who speaks of God is of no earthly value.

That’s not just conjecture.  That’s personal testimony.

But I will also testify that the friendship of Christ Jesus is more than sufficient for the one who is cast away because of his Holy name.

By His Grace