The Birth of Rebellion

The law of God has set forth life.  The list and its sayings toward application are not far removed from Man.  But who has the constitution to seek them out?

A child is born, and there is great rejoicing.  But I fail to find the strength to rejoice with them.  For in the essence of my soul I do not see the baby.  I see the man they will force him to become.

By the time he is two, the child has already been taught and onslaught of lies.  His questions are answered by those who do not understand or seek.  Innocence is shattered by the weapons of lies.  The house in which he is raised is not purged of sharp and deadly instruments.

What a horrible creature they mark me as; that I should be so callus as to be sad at the birth of a baby.

What then do I see as I look at the volume of Man?  I see the bloody hands that rip at Jesus.  I see the shouting horde that despised the beauty of God.  I see rebellion raised as king, while the King is raised toward death.  And the lovely law of God is cast aside.

Yet I will love them all, for He has loved even me.  I will testify to the beauty of eternal perfection, though my finger has nowhere to point, that I should show them concrete evidence. 

By faith I will believe and love them.  I will adore them as if they are Jerusalem, the blessing of God among the filth of Man. 

With great and excellent praise for the Living God, my Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Knowing what would happen, he let his heart be filled with joy to accomplish the will of His Holy Father.  And didn’t the people join him in praise?  Yet so soon following, they would demand his demise.

They had meant it for evil, that they may be rid of the Holy Testimony.  But God had determined it for good; that eternal joy and life should be offered through the very one they so willing ripped apart.

I will love the wicked with the love of God.  I will gesture to His lovely laws.  I will let this sorrow remain and will not join them.  For the bodies of women continually produce more who will rebell.

Let there be joy and innocence.  But may we strive to retain it!  I look!  I strive to see!  I study the fabric of Man!  But where is truth beside the cradle?  Instead of a blazing lamp, they leave a gilded book of lies for the child to peruse.

Yes I will love them even as my Lord loved Jerusalem. 

“34 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.   35 Look, your house is left to you desolate.”  (Luke 13)

By His Grace

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