A car with a bad engine is unworthy of your money, unless you have the means to fix it.  And if your car behaves poorly, you begin to search for ways to repair it or to get another one.

If a road is closed because there is no bridge, only the true idiot continues undeterred.  The tiniest  modicum of wisdom forces people to find another route.

You can read the signs your car gives you, you can read the signs on the road.  How is it that so many do not read the signs of warning in their dilapidated soul?

The philosopher Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”.  Isn’t it true, the one who ignores signs of warning encourages a bad day.

Your life is broken.  If you don’t know that, you haven’t examined it very closely.  Even according to the man Plato, your life then is not worth living.  What’s your response to all this?

If a mechanic pulls up to a stop sign next to you and tells you he is willing to fix your falling car for free, wouldn’t he get your interest?  Well I’ve pulled up next to you in the body of this message.  I know the one who can fix your broken life.  His name is Jesus.

By His Grace

Chance and Possibilities

The universe exists as we find it.  The world in which we live offers us accommodating elements.  Perhaps it could have been otherwise.  Being a man who believes that God has created all things, I don’t suggest that there was an alternative outcome.  But, for the sake of those who believe in evolution, I offer the possibility.

The reasoning I just applied to the universe, can also be applied to righteousness.  Why isn’t it okay to murder your neighbor?  Why is lying considered an evil thing?  Why does immorality know any bounds at all?  And if there is nothing after death, why bother to live at all?

One might respond to me, “There are limitations for the sake of the profit of the specie”.  But if life is truly futile, in that every man who dies becomes nothing, why should you care about the profit of this specie?

You will respond to me, “It is proper to show love your neighbor and give respect for what life they do have”.  Who told you that love even exists?  If there is no accountability after death, why should it matter whether we love or not?  And if the only reason you live is that someone will remember your name, what value is it when those who remember you are dead?

Do you see how futile, and ridiculously ignorant, a life lived on the foundation of evolution is? 

If life among men is no more than a glorified animal, then where does the knowledge of perfection come from?  Where does the concept of love originate?  Animals don’t think to provide some eternal testimony of their life.  No, we are not just glorified animals.  We are vastly more.

For the sake of Man’s lack of patience, I will end this writing by simply pointing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There you will find these questions.  There you will find the answers.

Every man knows these questions exist.  But how many are willing to search out the answers?  Instead of searching, I find men drawing opinions from their imagination.  What will you do?

By His Grace

No Confusion Allowed

I don’t want people to mistake the intent, meaning, source, inspiration, or Leadership of this blog.

I don’t write to give strength to universalism, relativism, humanism, atheism, or any religion/construct of man.

If I point out anything in creation, it will find an immediate reference to the Holy Lord God Most High; and this through The Holy Son.

They say, “All truths lead to the singular Truth”.  They say that every item and thought will lead to “something greater”.

While there might be a miniscule of truth in what they say, I am amazed that the “something greater” is never the target of such teachings.

They always stay in a “search mode”, as if discovering was the key to living a full and satisfying life.


This blog is from God, through his servant in Christ Jesus, and will never advocate anything more than a diligent humiliation of soul before the Majesty of God.

I am not writing a “search mode” blog.  I am spelling out the Truth; that elusive and rarely intended target of all Man’s endeavors.


If you’ve come here thinking that I will add to your search, you’re wrong.  I intend to define, highlight, advocate, glorify, and promote the Living God’s Holy Son Jesus.

There is NO truth but the very Word of the Living God.

He is TRUTH.

He is LIFE.


He is HOPE


Does this sound like I agree with all the “search modes” of man?

Manifest God

The fabric of heaven, his hands obediently made.
Every angel created by the love of God made manifest in Jesus.

Every act of building, from eternity to eternity;
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

Every particle of the universe came to be by His Holy hands of obedience.
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

Driven from the Glory of God, the father of lies succumbed.
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

“Let us make man in our image.”
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

Rebellion found its match, and infinitely more.
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

So it has been, so it will ever be.
The love of God made manifest in Jesus.

And yet to come, the salvation of We!
The love of God made manifest in Jesus!

By His Grace

Together All Alone, by Bob Bennett

The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

Together All Alone

Bob Bennett

Brian’s on the football team, but he’s only second string.

He’s got a locker full of books, but he doesn’t know a thing.

He never says what’s on his mind, like his daddy to the bone.

And he’s living with the rest of us, together all alone, together all alone.

His girlfriend moved away last year, to another school in town.

She’s got a brand new boyfriend, but she sometimes comes around.

She bounces his heart like a basket ball, and when his folks are not at home,

She slaps his hand, while they lay on the couch, together all alone. Together all alone.

And far away

The Shepherd tends His sheep.

Days full of crazy. Nights full of sleep.

While Brian is in school all day, the old man drives a truck.

He says, “It’s a hell of a way to live. But it’s a way to make a buck”.

He rolls home after the house is dark. His heart is cold as stone.

And he lays back to back, with his wife, in the sack;

Together all alone. Together all alone.

And far away

The shepherd tends his sheep.