No Confusion Allowed

I don’t want people to mistake the intent, meaning, source, inspiration, or Leadership of this blog.

I don’t write to give strength to universalism, relativism, humanism, atheism, or any religion/construct of man.

If I point out anything in creation, it will find an immediate reference to the Holy Lord God Most High; and this through The Holy Son.

They say, “All truths lead to the singular Truth”.  They say that every item and thought will lead to “something greater”.

While there might be a miniscule of truth in what they say, I am amazed that the “something greater” is never the target of such teachings.

They always stay in a “search mode”, as if discovering was the key to living a full and satisfying life.


This blog is from God, through his servant in Christ Jesus, and will never advocate anything more than a diligent humiliation of soul before the Majesty of God.

I am not writing a “search mode” blog.  I am spelling out the Truth; that elusive and rarely intended target of all Man’s endeavors.


If you’ve come here thinking that I will add to your search, you’re wrong.  I intend to define, highlight, advocate, glorify, and promote the Living God’s Holy Son Jesus.

There is NO truth but the very Word of the Living God.

He is TRUTH.

He is LIFE.


He is HOPE


Does this sound like I agree with all the “search modes” of man?

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