Broad vs Narrow

It is easier to set a man against the entire world than to set him in opposition against himself.  (Paraphrase from Matthew Henry’s commentary regarding the narrow way)

The social, religious, and political activist finds it easy to point his finger at the nature of things around him.  All the while the truth of Christ points its finger at the nature of things within the man.

This is the difference between living our life in the broad way which leads to hell and destruction, and the narrow way which leads to life. 

The only one who has a right to speak against the nature of wickedness, is the one who is enduring a holy chastening of his own.  As the Lord makes the man accomplish, he also endows the man with rights and expectations.

How few are willing to endure the Holy Judgment of God’s expectations daily?  How many simply ignore God’s direction without examination?

Endure the Holy Fire of God now, or endure it forever then.  That’s our choice isn’t it?  Join the vast crowd and die unchanged.  Or submit yourself to the Eternal Holiness of the Eternal Living God.  Remain free to make your own choices, or submit all your choices to the One who lives forever.

Matthew 7: 13, 14

By His Grace