Abrasive Consistency

Some people think I think too highly of myself because of all the things I write concerning God.  Not only do I not think too highly of myself, I’m hardly worthy to be called a Christian.

By speaking so much, they say I try to elevate myself.  And their judgments are made to drag me back down.  (I would think that if someone is trying to elevate themselves, they would not speak consistently of someone else.)

There seems to be a disparity here.  What if I really am no one in Christ?  What if I’m just an average man who sees something beautiful in God?  What if, at best, I am only an average Christian?  Wouldn’t that be what they are actually trying to say?

I do find it interesting, that those who try to drag me back down, do not step up to speak themselves.  So if I am, at best, an average Christian, or even a hypocrite, as they say, who should step down and who should step up?

And with all the time that is spent trying to drag me back down to the place they think I belong, they would do better to assess the words I write and consider their own standing in Christ.

But isn’t this what every vocal Christian finds to be true?  The moment we praise God with an open heart, the entire world gathers together to shut us down.

Its not that they offer anything better or different.  They simply don’t like hearing about the Living God’s Holy Son.  And they really can’t stand it, that one of their own, loves God more than Man.

If I’m wrong about these things, I do sincerely apologize.  But I see nothing, in the fabric of Man, to say these things are not true.

By His Grace


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