God’s Never Wrong

I saw a man sitting on the ground holding a straw and pushing two rocks back and forth.  I just had to ask.

“What are you doing?”  he stopped and looked up at me with sort of a silly smile.  “I’m trying to prove God wrong.”

“Well are you having any success?”

“None that I can see.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how does pushing two rocks around with a straw prove God wrong?”

“He told me that playing games has no value at all, but doing everything I should and spending time with him was eternally priceless.  I’m pretty sure he’s right.  I’m absolutely no better off than when I started to push these rocks.”

“Well that’s not exactly true sir.”

“Okay I’m listening.”

“You’ve learned that you can’t prove God wrong.”

“Well said.”

And with that, I turned to go and do what I should.

By His Grace


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