Every wall divides, that is its singular purpose.  On one side of the wall are those things that are not desired.  On the other side of the wall is the desire of the one who erected the wall.

Your house has walls.  Your heart walls.  The City of God has walls.  Think deeply on this and understanding will bud on the limb of your tree.

But there is another wall that men rarely speak of.  It is created to keep Man distant from the Holiness of the Sovereign God.  My soul sees this clearly, but the limits of Man’s communication perplex my words.  And how should this be astounding?  Even the Lord Jesus questioned as to how he might deliver these truths to Man.  “What is the kingdom of God like?  And to what should I compare it?”

Every man knows the wall I am speaking of.  It is the blackness apparent on a cloudless night.  It is the blackness of our understanding.  Is the blackness of our ability to speak to one another in regard to the great things of the Holy One.  It is the blackness of the will, to obey the Living God’s Holy Son.

This wall is for protection on both sides, for the Living God is not evil as many attribute to his Holy name.  It protects our evil hearts from the condemnation of the Living God.  And to protects the Sovereign purity that is Life from the Living God.

If any man would pass from one side of the wall to the other, the doorway must be shown to him.  This doorway is the Holy Son of the Living God.  You will find the complete description of it written in the Bible.

Now who has understanding?  Who desires eternal life?  Who will bend his will, that God may raise him up?  Who will lower his walls that God may enter?

My God will watch over these words.  Wherever they go, what eyes may read them, the Living God will watch the response.

By His Grace


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