The Ultimate Citation

Most people I talk to have not thought through the Judgment very well.  By what they say to me, they figure some how to escape.

But I wonder what they would say to the following.

You’re speeding down the road at 92 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.  A law enforcement officer comes up behind you with his lights on.  Obediently you pull to the side of the road.

As soon as you turn off the engine, 2000 law enforcement officers appear from the tall grass along the road.  While amazement still covers your mind, they completely encircle your car with guns drawn.  Frankly sir, you have nowhere to go.

Do people really think they will stand one on one with the Most High God?  Do you think you will be allowed to banter and barter your way out?

Almost every angel will be summoned to the judgement of man.  You will be encircled on every possible side, with absolutely nowhere to go. 

Those who are destined to destruction will have absolutely no choice.  The angels will discompassionately obey the Holy Father’s command. 

It is impossible for God to lie.  He has spoken destruction for those who do not love his Holy Son. 

This is no opinion.  It is the final and true Word of God.  Those who do not humble themselves before the Most High God, turning from their sinful ways, will receive the promise of destruction.

There’s a lot more to the gospel than just repenting of your sins.  But let this writing set the stage for all the things that need to come next.

By His Grace

Lordship Salvation

I can’t afford a lengthy article, I don’t have the time nor the stamina.  But I just stumbled across the phrase “lordship salvation”.

I must be old.  I look at the possibility of a new debate and find myself too tired to care.

The gospel remains as it is.  The Holy Spirit Guides any who will humble themselves before God.  How much they are guided and to what they are guided depends on their willingness to obey.

I see the debate.  I understand the importance of the issues.  But I also see the many debates that consumed Christianity from the beginning until now.  And no number will surface as to how many souls died while the Christian Church debated among itself the proper words and terminology that should be used in following Christ.

Not a single gesture or word from me will stem the tide of confusion.  And this reality causes me a vapor of fear. 

Isn’t the more important question to do with the power of the Holy Spirit to save?  I fear many have leaned back into the power of men.  “If we don’t use just the right words, no one will ever be saved again!”  (that of course is tongue in cheek)

Maybe such arguments are from God, I can’t say for sure.  But I can know this for sure, I’m not about to involve myself in another argument over semantics.

God Himself saved me in Christ.  It will be God Himself in Christ who finishes salvation on that great day.  And since I am an old man, that day comes rather quickly for me.  And it causes me to take note that this bevy of arguments will continue long after my flesh cannot speak.

The gospel remains powerful forever.  The Spirit of God is on daunted by the confusion of men.  And regardless whether Christian’s attention is toward the lost or not, God is saving souls!

To all you wonderful scholars, forgive my apathy.

By His Grace

The Promise of Hope

The promise of God, to those who love him and worship his Holy Son, is eternal life.  Think about it; Eternal Life!

His promise brings to us something that is thoroughly beyond our understanding.  Yet those who believe this, become transformed by the power behind that very thought.

Do you believe?  Have you taken the time to let it sink in?  Do you wake every morning and go to sleep every night, considering the beauty of his promise?

While God’s people consider this with all their might, the world worships zombies, movies about dinosaurs, sex, sports, money, all the trinkets of life, relationships among men, status, and the works of their own hands.  All of these doings done with death looming in their future, and trouble along their way.

Such a vast chasm of living between those who believe and those who refuse! 

As I ponder this I am shocked to realize that the percentage of those who believe compared to those who do not is less than one percent.  And even of that one percent, I find doubt.  Among this number there are many who cannot find the will to continue in that belief.

All he asks is that we believe he cannot lie. 

When we stand before him, will today provide regret?  Or will we bend our will to believe?

By His Grace