Lordship Salvation

I can’t afford a lengthy article, I don’t have the time nor the stamina.  But I just stumbled across the phrase “lordship salvation”.

I must be old.  I look at the possibility of a new debate and find myself too tired to care.

The gospel remains as it is.  The Holy Spirit Guides any who will humble themselves before God.  How much they are guided and to what they are guided depends on their willingness to obey.

I see the debate.  I understand the importance of the issues.  But I also see the many debates that consumed Christianity from the beginning until now.  And no number will surface as to how many souls died while the Christian Church debated among itself the proper words and terminology that should be used in following Christ.

Not a single gesture or word from me will stem the tide of confusion.  And this reality causes me a vapor of fear. 

Isn’t the more important question to do with the power of the Holy Spirit to save?  I fear many have leaned back into the power of men.  “If we don’t use just the right words, no one will ever be saved again!”  (that of course is tongue in cheek)

Maybe such arguments are from God, I can’t say for sure.  But I can know this for sure, I’m not about to involve myself in another argument over semantics.

God Himself saved me in Christ.  It will be God Himself in Christ who finishes salvation on that great day.  And since I am an old man, that day comes rather quickly for me.  And it causes me to take note that this bevy of arguments will continue long after my flesh cannot speak.

The gospel remains powerful forever.  The Spirit of God is on daunted by the confusion of men.  And regardless whether Christian’s attention is toward the lost or not, God is saving souls!

To all you wonderful scholars, forgive my apathy.

By His Grace


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