The Ultimate Citation

Most people I talk to have not thought through the Judgment very well.  By what they say to me, they figure some how to escape.

But I wonder what they would say to the following.

You’re speeding down the road at 92 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone.  A law enforcement officer comes up behind you with his lights on.  Obediently you pull to the side of the road.

As soon as you turn off the engine, 2000 law enforcement officers appear from the tall grass along the road.  While amazement still covers your mind, they completely encircle your car with guns drawn.  Frankly sir, you have nowhere to go.

Do people really think they will stand one on one with the Most High God?  Do you think you will be allowed to banter and barter your way out?

Almost every angel will be summoned to the judgement of man.  You will be encircled on every possible side, with absolutely nowhere to go. 

Those who are destined to destruction will have absolutely no choice.  The angels will discompassionately obey the Holy Father’s command. 

It is impossible for God to lie.  He has spoken destruction for those who do not love his Holy Son. 

This is no opinion.  It is the final and true Word of God.  Those who do not humble themselves before the Most High God, turning from their sinful ways, will receive the promise of destruction.

There’s a lot more to the gospel than just repenting of your sins.  But let this writing set the stage for all the things that need to come next.

By His Grace


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