Knowledge and Ignorance

Knowledge and ignorance are two tar pits along the way of life.

Knowledge can easily lead to pride, consuming all hope of placement in heaven.

But ignorance stands as an unseen monster, even grasping at the heel of those who love knowledge.

Ignorance is so much more vile because it is so easily remedied, leaves its owner vulnerable to every lie, and bolsters the bravado of pride.

Who can divide between the two, that he may walk the favorable path? 

Only he whose teacher is the Sovereign God in Christ Jesus.

By His Grace

The Precious Path to Hell

Among all the well-worn passage of the broad way to hell, is one of spectacular beauty.  Righteous is the title of everyone whose feet glide along that path.

The path is laid with every precious stone this world has to offer.  Glittering pearls and diamonds are embedded along the walls.  And the feet of every traveler are gilded with satin smooth slippers.

Lofty and moral conversations delight the ears of all.  Beautiful people with beautiful tongues raising beautiful hands of praise. .  . To themselves.

Wonderfully capable is everyone there, to present their bodies as living examples of excellence in social morality and responsibility.  They are a religion unto themselves.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builder builds in vain.”

By His Grace

War and Peace

Peace, peace?

All my days are thankfully rude; that they may keep alive in me the necessity for holy conversion.

Go seek peace, if that is your desire.  I will rather to enter the war of Christ against myself.  That He may bestow upon me (come that immeasurable day) PEACE which escapes me now.

By His Grace

Stunningly Cheap Luxury

I am struck afresh, by the message of the Gospel.  Who is Man, in the fabric of eternity, that God would give us eternal life?  Something so perfectly vast, yet for a simple price; simply believe.

Yet, look at the cost of that price.  The great majority refuses to believe.  It is evidently too high a price to ask.

Again, I come to the conclusion that if God does not reveal faith to us, we cannot have it. 

What does it take to procure faith from God?  Read or hear the Gospel and respond with humility.

What an absolutely surprising cost.  How absolutely surprising to see how few can afford it.

By His Grace