Yes, I See You

Yes I see you.  And isn’t that what you crave, to be seen.  Yeah, you.  The one with the beard shaped so carefully.  The one with just the right clothing.  The one who thinks that the way he looks and what he owns carves him a large portion.  Yeah. . . I saw you.

You have plans for the old man you will be.  Great boasting of what you were.  And when sickness and health comes near, you will “face it like a man”.

But I also see what you don’t see.  I see a man sniveling and groveling before the Most High God.  Or else I see a man spitting venomous hatred at the living God, because God does not respect the majestic nature of this one who stands before him.  Yeah. . . I see you.

Do you think this only applies to the self aggrandizement of a man?  I see you, the woman who has social etiquette down to an exquisite fine art.  I see the child who has everything he wants, except a desire for patience or obedience.  I see the drunkard who’s proud of his ability to kill himself.  So many who are proud of their mind.  Oh you millions of misguided ungodly folk, yes I see you!

I see you in the here, and I see you in the there.  How is it you only have eyes for today?

By His Grace

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