Ceaseless Strength of Condemnation

If the full pressure of all my sins were to bear down upon my worthless soul, I would never be able to rise again.  The strength of my bones would turn to vaporous dust.  The muscles that could move them, would become like gelatin mud.

My eyes would see nothing but blackness and horror.  And peace?  Peace would stand eternally far from me.  My mouth would lay open, gasping for life, but no life can enter in.  The weight bears down with endless pressure , the weight of all my sins.

If this is the case of one who is sure the Holy Lord will save him, what is the case of those who do not believe?

The hope of Christ lifts that incredible burden from me; as if a fallen slab of stone is stopped from crushing me flat.  It is held in place and poised above me by the magnificent strength of he who lives forever.  And the promise of he who cannot lie, will never let it fall.

Oh, come to Jesus!  Seek his beautiful face while the Day is upon you to choose!  For the day will soon come when all your sins will fall upon you with great intent.  You will be crushed!  There will be no one to help you!  And you will never rise again.

By His Grace


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