The Moment of Encounter

Two babies were born.  By two different mothers in different circumstances, each baby born for a purpose.

Both children grew strong in the demands that were placed upon them.

One child was taught to be a monster.  The other was taught the urgency of love.

Raised in separate places, the two were destined to meet.

God the Father watched intently.  He saw the command given.

With a gentle whisper, familiar to his son, the word was given.  “It is time.”

Two men.  Two commands.  One succeeded.  The other robbed of fulfillment.

With the first strike of the club, bones were broken.  This one now would quickly die.  The second strike of the club performed the same service.

But when he came to Jesus he saw that he was already dead.

We know what has become of he who hung on the cross.  The legacy of the soldier. . .?

By His Grace


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