Questions and Answers

I could not post this comment on your site.  But I will not let what you said go unanswered.

You ask questions.  I will ask you a question.  Where are those who died?

You speak with the mind of a man.  What do you know about the power or the mind of God?

Should God be all excited because a few bodies we’re reaped from the vineyard of mankind?  You do not consider, and you make no mention, that over a hundred thousand people die every day from various difficulties. 

Where is the volume of souls?  Who owned them while they lived?  Who owns them now where they are?  Who owns you, and will exact your prompt presence when the time is right?

By His Grace

5 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. My response:

    ‘I speak with the mind of a man.’ Indeed I do. That’s what I am, what I’ve got and what I use. You suggest there’s something else – the mind of God – but there isn’t. The human mind is the only mind there is and it is that that invented God.

    ‘Where are those who died?’ Not Heaven that’s for sure. As I’ve covered before we don’t survive death and even if we did the Bible does not promise Heaven afterwards.

    ‘Should God be all excited because a few bodies we’re reaped from the vineyard of mankind?’ This question, wrapped in meaningless florid imagery, actually makes no sense. However, I don’t say God should be ‘excited’. I suggest he might keep his promises to look after his chosen, as Jesus said he would.

    You’re right, I don’t consider the thousands who die each day. My post was about those Christians God allowed to be slaughtered this week in Charleston.

    ‘Where is the volume of souls? Who owned them while they lived? Who owns them now where they are? Who owns you, and will exact your prompt presence when the time is right?’ We don’t possess ‘souls’ and we don’t survive death therefore these questions are meaningless.

    You have been infected with the God virus, Hiway. It causes you to believe in an invisible, silent deity whose motivations and actions have to be guessed at. It makes you think we have ‘souls’ and that there’s eternal life. There is no evidence any of these things exist. I hope you find a cure soon.

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      • This is true, insofar as death is the end and cessation of everything. Seek a cure before it arrives and live this, your one and only life, free from an unhealthy obsession with a religion of death.


      • Yes it is an obsession. Regardless how you foolishly label our hope “unhealthy”, it is a firm engine for joy. What joy do you have, as you live out your pathetic life for nothing? And not only do you live a pathetic joyless life, but you live your useless life trying to tear others down. So you go to the grave wearing a cloak of destruction, hopelessness, envy, and strife. You have nothing to teach. For in total, you are nothing, and this by your own confession. Do you think your arguments hold any strength at all?

        But even if we are wrong, which I testify to you is absolutely untrue, we have lived our life for reasonable purpose; that those who have lived the life under your stupid rule might have some hope in this place filled with chaos and decay. You work to captivate people to hopeless and vain existence. We work, by direction of He who lives forever, to set free from hopelessness and vanity. Even the grave, as if that were the entirety of eternity, will receive us with a more generous hand.

        Without meaning personal offense, I observe that you are nothing and you offer nothing. Something for you to ponder isn’t it.


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