Dear Active Atheist

Dear Mr and Mrs Atheist:

I have been told that you cannot believe there is a God.  The word “cannot” is not possibly true.  For when it comes to what people want, they seem to find a lot of “can”.

But let’s put initiative behind us, shall we?

I understand that the thrust of active atheism, is to rid the earth of the foolishness of believing there is a God.  Let’s all agree there’s a whole lot of believin going on right now.  So you have a whole lot of work to do in a very short time.

But I write this to take a look at the uselessness of active atheism. 

If an atheist lives to be 90, he may infect a few with what he calls common sense or reality.  But those few he infects may or may not become common cohorts in the man’s cause.  In fact, according to statistics of human behavior, anyone who joins a group is very unlikely to strive toward leadership or active involvement.  By whatever means, they were compelled simply to join.

Let’s assume he converts three or four in his life.  What has he really accomplished?  More than likely the enthusiasm of his converts will fade away.  They will likely go get jobs and raise a family.  I would bet they won’t even remember the man’s name who converted them.  So what has the active atheist accomplished?

Well maybe he tore down the faith of a few religious people.  But its not possible for him to make much of a dent in the religions of the world.  So what has he really accomplished?

Perhaps he’s made a name for himself in the annals of exemplary atheists.  We both know there is no Hall of Fame sporting such a sign out front.

He can say he did it for the good of humanity.  But I’ve already established he’s done virtually nothing.  But in his mind, he is important.

Does anyone know the name of the man who lived 1.2 miles west of Podunk Egypt during the reign of King Ramses the second?  You might know the road I’m talking about; the road that Pestle Smitak lived on.

Perhaps that’s too distant a time.

Does anyone know the name of the family who lived six houses down from Charles Schwab in 1987?  What is the name of the examiner who tested you when you got your driver’s license?  Do you really think you will gain popularity when you are dead?

My aim here is not to insult you.  I’m not trying to make fun of you.  I’m only trying to plant a seed of doubt in your foolish mind.  Just like a seed that falls between the cracks in the sidewalk: no one saw it fall and no one remembers it until the grass sprouts up.  What I’m busily doing to you, active atheist, is the very same thing you do to people who have hope in their faith.

The visible difference here is that I offer you eternal life in Christ Jesus.  The only thing you have to offer is a hopeless useless existence and then,  “Poof“!  You die and fade away.  Christ is very willing to extend eternal life and notoriety to you right now!

By His Grace