A Sequel, (personal observations)

I wrote a post called “Dear Active Atheist”.  It was not quite as successful as I’d like, though it wasn’t a completely worthless venture.  I tried to offer a platform of reasoning.  But no one seriously took the offer.

So what have I learned?  I learned that men call themselves atheists because they love the idea that there is nothing to be accountable to.

I learned a crucial side benefit for them in their godless thoughts; with no conscience to hold them down, they allow themselves to seek all possible notoriety (regardless the cost to anyone else).

And lest I had forgotten, I am reminded of what selfish brute beasts they are.  If they are not busy pursuing selfish pleasure, they are actively destroying the lives of those with hope.    In the best of my estimation, they are not a benign tumor in the body of humanity.

If it is a pursuit of pleasure you desire, why don’t you just call yourself a hedonist?  Why go so far as to say there is no God?   So on that note, honesty just isn’t enough.  I don’t think you’re an atheist, I think you’re just willfully ignorant.  In which case you are nothing special at all.

I have also learned that the atheist is a thief.  If he is not actively doing damage to those with hope, he is stealing from the mass of humanity by failing to take into account the larger picture.  A man can only teach what he knows. 

The majority of mankind at least recognizes that there is a larger picture.  Denying the portion of religion and the supernatural, the Atheist robs his fellow man of what is apparently crucial knowledge to all.

Let me finish this by addressing self aggrandizement.  There’s no God in the atheist’s mind.  So he raises himself to fill the void.  If others don’t agree with his newfound royalty, the atheist becomes livid.  It is because of simple posts like this, that I have been witness to explosive outbursts that fall just short of the legal line.

Once again my conclusion is correct.  At best the atheist is a worthless member of society.  At worst he is violence in the waiting.

I have reported my observations according to what I witness.  If you atheists have something else to offer that can soften my observations toward you, please present it.  I am not hard hearted.  I simply lack any proof of your value.

And please, be wisely aware that displaying any of the things I have already mentioned will do absolutely nothing to change my observations.  What credible value are you to humanity?

By His Grace

Man’s Personal Court

Today is the court of Man.  There is a singular case on the docket: who is true and who is the liar.  Who is the accused?  Who is the plaintiff? 

It’s a shell game of two.  When they walked in, did they take their proper seat?  Every officer in the court is one man, you. 

Today, you get to be the law.  Today, you are the judge.  There is only one verdict possible.  Choose fatal condemnation for one, and eternal freedom for the other.

What’s at stake?  One of the two who sit before your examination is vital to the security and welfare of all.  The other is an eternal mass murderer.

Today, judgment belongs to Man.  Assess correctly.  Be wise in your questioning.  Choose wrong, and extinction is set free!

“Be silent before me, you islands!
Let the nations renew their strength!
Let them come forward and speak;
let us meet together at the place of judgment.”  (Isaiah 41: 1)

By His Grace

Turn or False

True humility is not a brand of servitude.  It is a joyful and willing acceptance of one’s place in life, according to ALL that is true. 

Pride is the exact opposite.  Pride thinks it is humble.  But such false humility only weighs itself against a certain compartment of life.  Pride refuses to take into consideration the fullness of what is offered.

Humility receives all and is glad.  Pride rejects all, and sadly keeps what it thinks is his.

But let’s not be mistaken here,  pride seamlessly believes it is humble.  Therefore it is fully incapable of understanding true humility.  It is fully incapable of receiving anything.  Pride will gladly die, in abject poverty of truth.

By His Grace