Man’s Personal Court

Today is the court of Man.  There is a singular case on the docket: who is true and who is the liar.  Who is the accused?  Who is the plaintiff? 

It’s a shell game of two.  When they walked in, did they take their proper seat?  Every officer in the court is one man, you. 

Today, you get to be the law.  Today, you are the judge.  There is only one verdict possible.  Choose fatal condemnation for one, and eternal freedom for the other.

What’s at stake?  One of the two who sit before your examination is vital to the security and welfare of all.  The other is an eternal mass murderer.

Today, judgment belongs to Man.  Assess correctly.  Be wise in your questioning.  Choose wrong, and extinction is set free!

“Be silent before me, you islands!
Let the nations renew their strength!
Let them come forward and speak;
let us meet together at the place of judgment.”  (Isaiah 41: 1)

By His Grace


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