Backed Against the Wall

It is said that if you back a coward into a corner with threats of death, he may well leap out against you with an excellent strength.   I believe there is a place where this has truth.   But I believe there is also a place with this might be true with a “man” of peace.  You can back him against his beliefs only so far.  Until you can back up no farther.

There is a place where the average man will not succumb to any pressure anymore.  Do you know the place in yourself  that I’m talking about?  Have you been pushed back to what you refuse to doubt?

We stand in this world and testify of Christ.  And if we are bold we will step away from the foundations of our belief into the realm of pure faith.  While we are extended like that, there is a possibility that we could be pushed back to the things we refuse to doubt.  And I’ll admit, sometimes we have extended ourselves way too far.  Being pushed back is simply a natural restraint.

But what is the extent of a Christian’s firm beliefs?  How far will they extend from himself that he may walk to the edge and push farther in pure faith?  How much of God’s promise are we willing to believe without doubt and without wavering?

How far could we be reaching out now?  What is not being done that could be?  What are we denying The Lord?

Our reaching out is stymied by doubt.  Is it possible to consider that a favorable response to his glorious grace?

Lots of questions.  Every man holds a different answer.


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