In the Open Field

Call me uncivilized.  Label me as one who does not play well with others.  The world despises me because I speak of the Lord Jesus.  The church looks down on me because I expose the utter depravity of man. 

Those who know me tell me to sit down and be quiet lest I stir up waves.  I am distrusted because I do not sufficiently care about the things of this world, as they expect me to do.

I tried to remain silent.  I tried to love the world with a soft hand.  I try to be included with my brothers in the church, and found myself incapable.  I tried to well up a caring for all the things my relatives care about.  None of that trying has proven fruitful.

What am I?  Who is this man who stands in an empty field alone?  I know what I am.  I am a disciple of Christ Jesus.  I need no other label to give me solace.

The Lord is my perfect strength.  This is no vain boast.  I stand here alone and isolated, yet perfectly full of strength to continue.  What is it to me if no man comes to my aid?  What is it to me if they take no notice of the one who stands in the rain of the open field alone?

This is my place to inhabit.  And I am proud of my God for placing me here.   A day will come when his wisdom is revealed.  And I will know more on that day than I do now, my God’s love and faithfulness to me will never fail.

The world points at the church to expose its corruption.  By this they excuse themselves from inclusion.  If it is a thousand men who are corrupt they are the same as one.  They are just another excuse for the world to remain in its sin.

But I will stand in the open field and point my finger back at the world!  “Destruction comes.  Go ahead, take no heed to the warnings.  Destruction comes for the ungodly.  The living God will not entertain your pathetic blaming.  Destruction is imminent.”

And I will stand in the open field and point at the church!  You are free from accusation regarding me.  Go and be at peace as you search out your salvation with fear and trembling.  Leave this one, as it is obvious you need to do.  Turn your back on me and get busy doing what you know you should.  I am richly provided for.  I am no pathetic orphan!


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