Escape, Because You Can

The title of this post was on a billboard for a casino.  We all know what they meant.

But in the blink of an eye, I think we can all see how that applies to the judgment of God.

No one needs to stand in the great assembly of sinners that will be cast away from His presence.  Every single man and woman can enter into the joy of Christ for eternity.  How?

Humble yourself in prayer and ask God to show you.  Read the Bible with an earnest desire to learn.  Strive to do what it says.  And continue to return to earnest prayer, that God may show you what to do.

No one needs to be cast away from God’s presence. 

Positive Thinking

I just read that stuff about Olsteen.  I don’t follow the news anymore,  so I didn’t even know there was a problem.

In a way he’s right.  But only in a small way.  A very very small way.

Our Lord didn’t say, “Come be happy”.  He said “Come and suffer and die with me”.  And he made that point lot more often than he talked about happiness.

When he met with his disciples again, he didn’t chide them for their grief.  Before he was crucified, he warned his disciples that they would have grief.  But he assured them it would turn to joy.  He urged them to have faith. 

Remember how he told them the horrible things they would endure for his namesake.  Does that sound like today’s teaching about joyous positive thinking?

Olsteen, you forgot about the brotherhood of suffering for the name of your Lord. 

Hoorah for the broken hearts!   Shame for the hearts who binge themselves on joy. 

Integrity of faith is tested in the crucible of suffering.  How some people miss that is beyond my understanding. 

Research the English saying, “Stiff upper lip”.  You’ll find it reflects an honor even a godless man can respect.  How much more the servants of Christ?

Rule of thumb:
If a Christian teaching gathers a vast multitude of followers, be suspicious.


What is fear?  Isn’t it fear to ponder what can be done to us?  Doesn’t fear come because we know we are weak and defenseless.

What is perfect strength?  Isn’t it the knowledge that we are perfectly protected?  Doesn’t strength come because we know that He who protects us is above all things?

Therefore I am proud of my weakness and am not afraid.  For the One who has sworn, by his very blood to protect me, That One cannot lie!

I see the fear that was in me, and gladly spit in its face.  “You will not own me!  You have been dethroned.  You are destroyed before you speak!  The One who is above you owns this soul.”

Come!  Believe beside me.  The shadow of fear has no hold on those who believe!