In a fancy room, removed from the prying eyes of the general public, debate has taken place.  All members of the conversation emerged.  Each one went to his expected place. 

As if rising to crescendo from the stillness of breath, the leader begins to speak.  With great confidence of his unalterable position, the Pope has declared that Jesus is no better and no worse than any other version of God on the face of this planet.

I look around and I see no change to the grass.  It is still green.  I look around and I see that all the buildings are still on their foundations.  I woke from sleep and took note that my eyelids functioned just fine.  Even my cell phone obeys my command to write.

See, the Pope’s power to bring Christ down is of no effect at all.  But I do wonder what the response of Islam might be.  I wonder how Islam feels about having their God brought level in a mud puddle with the Christ.

Any man can say anything he wants to say, it does not make his words true.  Any man can fill himself with truth for the grace of God abounds.  Or any man can revert from speaking the truth and become a blatant liar, for free will abounds in this place of shadows.

The world will be a buzz.  Heaven does not even notice.

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