Bubble Butt

I had a conversation with a man about Bible prophecy.  He is immeasurably more well versed in prophecy that I can hope to accomplish.  The conversation was stimulating, and I walked away full of reverence and desire for God.

On the way back past the man, the Lord prompted me to speak of purity.  I talked to him about how God is so desirous to see holiness come to fruit in every one of his people.  The response was interesting.

I thought I would hear agreement.  His knowledge of Bible prophecy was impeccable.  Instead, I heard subtle references to justification, and excuses. 

I’m not judging the man, I’m looking at all of us.  We might do well in the realm of knowledge, but our application suffers famine.

One thing I felt urged to say stands out in my mind clearly.  You may not think this is a very dignified statement, but it is true none the less:

If a man will do the things of Christ, won’t the Lord tie huge helium balloon to our butt, that we may raise to a place conspicuous usefulness?  And isn’t this the reason why so many Christians live their lives in useless obscurity?


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